Burnt Toast (micheleliskey) wrote in write_critique,
Burnt Toast

If I may be so bold...

...as to make the first post?

Here's something I did a long time ago, as part of a much bigger work that has gotten lost somewhere inside me. I still love this bit though.

"Bodies swayed in motion, rhythmic. The riotous music washed over her, propelling her body into the pulse of the world. She was one with the trees swaying in the wind, washing with the tide of an ocean she had never seen and only knew was there, feeling the cadence of the land, the heart and the beat of life. Blood pounded in her veins, in the veins of her neighbor, in the veins of all living things, and in the veins of her beloved. She was sucked into the undercurrent of all life. She felt in that moment incredibly alive, monumentally strong, and capable of all things. She joined the dance; feet stepping in time, body undulating, hands raised high in triumph of life and love."
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