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Writer's Critique

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This community is for communal critique of works-in progress. Any type is encouraged: poems, short stories, essays or excerpts from longer pieces like plays or novels. No page limits, but a reasonable size.

All community members will be expected to submit at least one piece a month, but no more than one piece every two weeks (We can change this if it isn’t working, but I didn’t want one person to post every day or something) In addition, all community members will be expected to give their comments to at least one piece a week. You gotta give love, to get love.

I don’t want to encourage a namby-pamby atmosphere where every posted piece is met with “oh that’s so great!” I expect that we are all mature writers who are posting in the hopes of getting usable critique and feedback, which often means what isn’t working, as well as what is. However, try not to offer only criticism. And I don’t even think it has to be mentioned, but just so there’s no confusion, personal attacks will never be tolerated.

I think at some point we may want to put a size cap on this community, but let’s just try and get a workable number (10 or so?) here first.